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Art Progress

30. Simple comic featuring Applejack
*Plan: 100%
*Dialogue: 100%
*Pencil Sketch: 50%
*Digital Outline: 0%
*Color: 0%
*Background: 100%
*Unicorn Magic: 30%
*Frames Completed: 0 of 3

29. Single page comic featuring Babs and Manehattan friends
*Plan: 100%
*Dialogue: 100%
*Pencil Sketch: 100%
*Digital Outline: 100%
*Color: 100%
*Background: 100%
*Unicorn Magic: 100%
*Frames Completed: 9 of 9

28. Single page comic featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders
*Plan: 100%
*Dialogue: 100%
*Pencil Sketch: 100%
*Digital Outline: 100%
*Color: 100%
*Background: 100%
*Unicorn Magic: 100%
*Frames Completed: 7 of 7…

Updated 3-17-2014 12:40 PM (CDT)


Conventions I have attended:

~TrotCon 2012
~Midwestria 2012
~Canterlot Gardens 2012
~Las Pegasus Unicon 2013
~TrotCon 2013
~BronyCon 2013
~KollisionCon 2013
~Anime Apocalypse 2013

Conventions I will be attending:

~Trotcon 2014
~Everfree Northwest 2014
~Bronycon 2014


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Chris Behrendt
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! I am a 21 year old digital cartoonist who specializes in drawing blooper-reel style comics for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I am also studying the field of robotics at a low key community college in Chicago, Illinois.

My OC is Stormy Bluff, the very confused Pegasus pony. He doesn't have a back story of any kind. He just randomly shows up places, completely clueless of where he is or how he got there. Does he have short term memory loss? He forgot...

I have always loved building and creating things with my hands, and drawing has always come second nature to me. While the actual origins of me drawing cartoon animals is sketchy, I remember being heavily influenced by my favorite movie at the time, Balto. Prior to that point, I drew mechanical things such as trains, cars, and wouldn't you believe it, even computers. At that point in time, I always stated that I was awful at animal/human art and refused to even attempt it at times. After becoming obsessed with Balto, I took it upon myself to begin learning how to draw cartoon animals. That is what soon led me into the furry fandom, where I broadened my developing skill from feral animals to anthropomorphic as well. After I got my hands on a better computer than my original Pentium 4 Compaq laptop I got hand-me-down from my father, I purchased Adobe Flash through my school and I taught myself Flash vectoring, learning and experimenting with the program over time.

I came into the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom very early on in the show's run. My first episode was actually 'Boast Busters' when it premiered on the Hub for the first time. The fact that I already drew anthropomorphic art really made it easy to segway into drawing our cute little ponies with relative ease.

I have never had any formal training in drawing, or using Photoshop or Flash. Each of my skills are self-taught, and I am constantly practicing to improve my style. How I create art, some may not agree with. That's okay, I've been told I have been doing it wrong for years. If that is indeed the case, I certainly have been doing it wrong the right way. Helpful critiques, however, are always welcome.

I sketch each and every character, object, and background on paper first using just a normal #2 pencil. I work at a school so pencils and fresh printer paper are easy to come by. Each picture is then scanned and digitized using Adobe Flash CS5.5 with a Wacom Intuos4. My method of creating art isn't as fast as other methods, but knowing that each comic contains only images that I personally created, and not public consumption vector files fills me with immense satisfaction.

I read and immensely appreciate every one of my comments, but don't often reply. I am shy, and a bit unsocial, so I struggle to think of anything else to say than "Thank you".

Re-posting my artwork is fine as long as you ask permission first. However, do not ask to trace or re-color my artwork. I am very much against traces and recolors, as they take almost no skill to do, and is 100% art theft.

Admin and Member of Chicago's very own Windy City Bronies

Check out my Tumblr!: Ask Manehattan Babs

Commissions-Eh...message me. I might feel up to it, I might not.

*NOTICE* Please do not post comments containing links on this page, or any deviation posted to this account. Comments containing links will be hidden from view. Comments containing rude, inappropriate, or vulgar language will be reported and/or hidden.

Hi everyone! I'm just taking the time to update all of you on recent happenings, since I haven't been up to much art recently...

First off, I am occasionally updating my Ask Manehattan Babs Tumblr (which can be found here: with sketches, and am slowly working on a new comic. However...a new project has fallen in my lap, and my brain has been helplessly obsessing over it... The problem? It is killing time I can be working on my comic and art!!! I want to assure everyone here, because my dumb brain also thinks that people are constantly observing and judging my actions, that I am still an active artist, and I am in no way stopping my pony art. I just...have a robot that has been sitting half built for months that I finally bought parts again for...

...Oh yeah, for the 99.9% of people here who know absolutely nothing about me other than that I draw pony art on occasion, I am also building a battle robot. I'm sure most have you have seen, or heard of a thing called battlebots! Yeah, it's one of those!!! It ain't pony, but...anybody want pics? I promise I won't spam. I will only post one or two!

Okay...poorly typed journal done-ish... I needed to occupy my brain...Was having trouble sleeping.
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With two comics out and a third on the way, who would like to see more comics about Babs and her Manehattan friends/bullies? Examples can be found here: 

47 deviants said Yes!!!
7 deviants said Wildtiel, what are you spoutin' about now?
3 deviants said No...



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